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Our philosophy

Research and development play a crucial role in GDTech's activities to enrich our knowledge and skills, thereby maintaining a high level of added value in the solutions offered to our clients.

For many years, GDTech has been involved in numerous research projects, either funded at the Walloon or European level, or in direct partnership with the R&D teams of our clients. In collaboration with Belgian and foreign universities and research centers, we help our industrial partners develop new products, as well as assist digital simulation software publishers in enhancing their tools.

Composites and Damage

With our dedicated team of experts, we offer comprehensive support to our clients in the design and simulation, whether for optimization or verification, of parts and assemblies in composite materials. Whether it's long fibers, short fibers, wound, or braided, we master all aspects of these materials. Explore the full potential of the remarkable stiffness-to-mass ratio and anisotropic properties of composites to strengthen and lighten your structures

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Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing simulation provides a comprehensive predictive solution, enhancing the quality, cost-effectiveness, and speed of the printing process. Indeed, simulation allows for visualizing and anticipating models before production, significantly reducing costly trials while minimizing potential errors. Additionally, using simulation helps foresee thermal and mechanical constraints, ensuring optimal performance of printed parts.

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Powder Physics

Numerical simulation of powders offers significant advantages across numerous industrial sectors. With our expertise, you can achieve substantial cost savings by reducing costs associated with physical testing while accelerating the product development process. This method also allows for precise optimization of equipment and process design, minimizing errors and improving operational efficiency.

Topological Optimization

GDTech can assist you in optimizing your designs using the best software on the market for topological optimization: Siemens TOPOL, 3DS TOSCA, ANSYS, and OOFELIE. GDTech relies on many years of experience from its collaborators to make the most of these tools

Topological optimization now covers three different disciplines: mechanics, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. The combination of these tools and the various manufacturing possibilities offered by additive manufacturing allows you to improve the performance of your parts: their weight, pressure losses, heat exchange, or dissipation.

Vibration Analysis

GDTech conducts studies at all levels of the pyramid, combining virtual and physical tests based on CAD and CAE. Our services include drafting test specifications, design, analysis, and fabrication of dedicated tools, definition of instrumentation, test monitoring, and report generation. We ensure precise mesh definition and utilize super-elements, while establishing correlation between tests and simulations. Our expertise includes automated finite element model adjustment, identification of nonlinear components from tests, and integration of these nonlinearities into the model.

Current or recently completed projects

Fasama - Anyshape 4.0 - Diamants - AMLTD: Additive Manufacturing Projects - Topological Optimization - Manufacturing Simulations - D4AM


Vinolim: Nonlinear Vibrations


Flywin: Design of a Hydrogen Airship Demonstrator for Cargo Transport 


Idarcoss: Design of a Nuclear Filter


Pitras & Corssi: Transition to Industry 4.0 for a Plastic Recycling Chain - Powder Mixing Simulation - Digital Twins


CarboBrake: Design of a Motorcycle Brake Caliper in Composites


Wings: Revitalization Project for Aeronautics in Wallonia


Riblets: Additive Manufacturing Projects - Topological Optimization - Manufacturing Simulations - D4AM


Taranis: Long-Range Aerial Drone Defense

The Walloon Competitiveness Clusters:


Skywin is the Walloon aerospace cluster (Belgium). It is an association of companies, research organizations, and training centers engaged in public-private partnerships.​

MecaTech Cluster

The mission of the MecaTech cluster is to support the economic development of our industrial companies through a dynamic ecosystem and innovative projects aimed at better meeting the economic, ecological, and societal ambitions of Wallonia.


An innovation accelerator, the GreenWin cluster is dedicated to supporting innovation, fostering the development of collaborative research and development (R&D) projects, investment, or training with the aim of business growth and job creation in promising markets.