From March 26 to 29, Mr. Joseph MARRA, Technical Business Development Officer at GD TECH, visited Bulgaria. The Walloon Company is one of the world’s leading laboratories in the field of conducting structural simulation studies (especially in dynamics). Mr MARRA participated to the Road Safety Forum organized by the Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency on 27 March. The Forum included many representatives of administrations and institutions responsible for the construction, maintenance and regulation of road infrastructure and traffic in Bulgaria. After the presentation of GD TECH’s expertise to the Bulgarian public, the Belgian know-how proved to be very interesting. The applications of Walloon expertise in many areas, including traffic accident investigations, have attracted the interest of many people. The potential of GDTech’s development in Bulgaria predisposes to the development of a joint venture with a local GDTech client company (which will therefore also be a partner for Bulgaria). For the other days of his visit, the AWEX Sofia organized a business trip for Mr MARRA exploring the defense sector in Bulgaria. The business trip confirmed this axis of prospection for GDTech. The interest for the Belgian Know-how was significant. In view of the perspectives in Bulgaria, Awex Sofia will be delighted to participate again in the next working visit of representatives of GD TECH in Bulgaria.