On November 14 at the NAFEMS FRANCE conference, we will be presenting the results of a work performed in cooperation with Safran Aero Booster in the framework of the Clean Sky project GILD (Green and Innovative Lubrication Devices).

A multi-level modeling of the dynamic behaviour of an aeronautic system will be discussed to provide practical and useful guidelines to perform numerical and experimental vibration analyses aimed at the achievement of predictive finite element models.

Enhancements of such models will be also described to extend their validity in nonlinear regimes of vibration, thanks to the advanced analyses performed in cooperation with the University of Liege and Nolisys.

Final presentation will be available here once the conference is over.

Conference program is available: https://www.nafems.org/2018/france/programme/

For more information about GDTech’s ability to perform advanced vibration analyses, don’t hesitate to contact Celine Henrotte (celine.henrotte@gdtech.eu) or Chiara Grappasonni (chiara.grappasonni@gdtech.eu).