“More or Less Bone (Formal Topological Optimization)”, work of the well-known French artist Jean-Luc Moulène, is on exhibit since Monday, April 29, in New York. GDTech collaborated with the artist on its design.

The author’s artistic concept is to create “a piece that is nothing but its own condition of existence”: a form defined as efficient for a given set of material conditions and environmental variables.

More or Less Bone continues Moulène’s recent investigations into the intersections of  contemporary material culture and advanced technology,  that is topology optimization in this specific case.

GDTech acted as Moulène’s engineering arm, taking advantage of its expertise in topology optimization to properly define and solve the problem by efficiently using some optimization parameters like filters.

The final results is an optimized link between three generic objects: a sphere (an abstract form), a spiral staircase (a constructed form), and a knucklebone (an organic form).  It was manufactured using a mix of foam and glass fiber, after validation of its stability, given its large size (8m x 4m x 1.6m)

This monumental work is on exhibit at the Sculpture Center in New York until July 29th.

More info on : https://www.sculpture-center.org/exhibitions/11574/jean-luc-moulne-more-or-less-bone